1.40m Jumper,"DonnaBella 8"
and Melissa Sarle
AO Jumper, "Enchilotti", 
and Leslie Kinnin
Adult Hunter, "Underestimated"
and Wallace Thomas, Sr
Leadline Rider, Zoe Sarle

Pre-Adult Hunter, "Raconteur",
and Robin Johnson
Adult Hunter, "Stonehenge"
and Mary Kristensen
Walk/Trot Rider,
Annabelle Sarle
AO Hunter, "Adoration",
and Caroline Kornegay
Adult Hunter, "Callisto",
and Natalie Morris
SS Hunter, "Cortina"
and Wallace Thomas, Jr
XRails Pony, "Double Stuffed"
and Clara Clarke
Baby Green Htr, "Balou de Bliss"
and Lindsay Goffd
Pre-Adult Htr, "Chewbacca"
and Beth Brown